About the Birmingham History Center

Birmingham History Center
1731 First Avenue North
Suite 120
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 202-4146

The Birmingham History Center is a brand new museum in Birmingham that opened its doors in April of 2010. The goal of this museum is to preserve and highlight the rich history and culture of Birmingham  in the course of its one hundred forty years. Another brilliant aspect of the museum is the way it spotlights Birmingham's vast influence on history. In the museum you will find exhibits focused on World War II and Birmingham's Heroes, the Great Depression, and Birmingham's influence on the Civil Rights Movement, and many more.

My Service-Learning Project 

Service Learning assignment consisted of two parts. For the first part I was to pick an organization or group for which we could volunteer and gain experience through service learning. The second part of my assignment was to create a multimedia project to benefit the organization or group. My major is history so I chose the Birmingham History Center. My assignment at the museum was very hands-on I organized files that were donated to the museum from a citizen of the Birmingham community. my primary focus was on the Soap Box Downhill Derby in Birmingham between 1962 and 1970. For my multimedia project I chose to create a virtual tour of the museum, which you will find above.

Insights from my Experience

While volunteering at the museum, I participated in the process of archiving materials that go into a museum's exhibit. I also witnessed first hand what goes into curating a museum. I experienced the challenges of spacing a museum and I realized the challenges of proper lighting for different exhibits. More than anythingl, my most enjoyable experience was getting to work alongside the passionate and tireless historians of the Birmingham History Center.