The UAB 1917 Clinic Cohort is a prospective cohort established in 1992 that includes HIV positive individuals who receive primary and subspecialty care at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) 1917 Clinic.

Situated in the US Deep South, the UAB 1917 Clinic Cohort provides unique insights into a region bearing a disproportionate burden of the domestic HIV epidemic. The multidisciplinary investigative team also partners with national and international investigators playing a pivotal role in large scale, multi-site collaborative cohort studies.

Clinical Research Training Services are provided at all levels (from students to research staff representing a variety of disciplines to seasoned faculty updating their skills).
  • Provide training for students with potential HIV research career interests.
  • Collaborate with the Biostatistical Core to provide research methods, database, and statistical training of local and international investigators.
  • Coordinate with the Developmental Core to match trainees or new researchers to appropriate mentors and projects.
  • Provide leadership and expertise to build research capacity in international sites, including the long-distance exchange of information as well as on-site research training and advice.

The success of the 1917 Clinic Cohort over the years is directly attributable to the talent and enthusiasm of the Cohort Team that includes individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds who work together on a daily basis to collectively advance the scientific agenda.

Our Mission

The UAB 1917 Clinic Cohort will be recognized as a leading single-center, longitudinal HIV observational clinical cohort that generates innovative social, behavioral, and biomedical knowledge related to psychosocial and clinical processes and outcomes of care. Through local research initiatives, national, and international collaborations, this knowledge will substantively inform practice and policy and will ultimately improve the health of people living with HIV/AIDS in Birmingham and beyond.