We have included a list of items here that will help you as you peruse our website to learn more about our faciity as you consider using us as a site for one of your prospective studies in rheumatology. We hope you find this information helpful.

Facility Information   Pharmacy Information
Arthritis Clinical Intervention Program
1717 6th Ave. South, SRC 076
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: 205.934.7727
Fax: 205.975.5554
               IDS Pharmacy
North Pavilion, N3470
1802 6th Ave South
Birmingham, AL  35249
Phone: 205.934.3488
Fax:  205.975.6647


 The University of Alabama Position of Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records as it relates to  21 CFR part 11.  Please see information by following this link 21 CFR Compliance
FDA Inspections

Link provided below will show that Dr. Larry Moreland (former Medical Director of ACIP) was audited by the FDA in 1998 and 'no action indicated.'