Based on the estimate prevalence of 1.6% in US and the State-wide population of 4 million individuals, we estimate that approxiametely 65,000 people are infected with HCV in Alabama. Applying nationwide estimates to Alabama population: 30,000 of those infected with HCV had been diagnosed; 23,000 had beeen referred and/or linked to care; 6,500 had received treatment and 3,000 had achieved SVR. Therefore, the majority of HCV-infected individuals do not know their status, have not been referred for HCV therapy, and are in need of treatment. 

ACTIVE-C has three project-related mission components: 
  1. Create a sustainable HCV test and treat program 
  2. Diminish gaps in the HCV cascade of care
  3. Ameliorate HCV morbidity and mortality in Alabama