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Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) are critical management tools to foster new, dynamic programs aligned with emerging directions in HIV research.  Participation in these groups is open to any interested trainee, researcher, or community partner.

Ending HIV in Alabama SWG

The Ending HIV in Alabama Scientific Working Group strives to eradicate HIV by advancing research and innovation. Membership includes experts in clinical, epidemiologic, socio-behavioral, community, and implementation science. The SWG backs key CFAR projects, such as the Community Grants Program fostering partnerships for innovative HIV-ending approaches and assembling datasets for detailed demographic and geographic insights on people living with HIV in Alabama.

This SWG currently hosts two monthly meetings:
Third Wednesdays at 9am - to showcase ongoing projects and solicit feedback for EHE-focused grants
Fourth Fridays at 1pm - to discuss ongoing projects related to the HIV datasets

Group Leader: Aadia Rana
Contact: Alyssa Carodine

Substance Use SWG

The Substance Use Scientific Working Group aims to elevate substance use populations in HIV research. It develops scientists addressing unmet needs in substance use disorder communities, fostering discovery and collaborations to reduce HIV disparities. SWG sustains partnerships, offers training, and hosts an annual symposium.

The SWG hosts monthly seminars, training, and works-in-progress presentations on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Group Leaders: Ellen Eaton, Karen Cropsey, and Carie Wimberly (Alabama Prevention Coalition)
Contact: Laken Grissom

Global Health Reciprocal Innovations SWG

The Global Health Reciprocal Innovations SWG aims to facilitate the exchange of innovations between low and middle-income countries (LMICs) and higher-income countries in addressing HIV challenges. Open to UAB and non-UAB individuals, it plans seminars, networking events, and capacity-building activities for program translation, implementation, and evaluation in new settings. SWG leadership provides advice on contractual and regulatory challenges.

Group Leaders: Michael Vinikoor and Janet Turan
Contact: Sydney Grooms

Other CFAR Scientific Working Groups of Interest

Inter-CFAR Collaboration on HIV Research in Women

Inter-CFAR Justice, Substance Use, HIV/AIDS Involved Populations (J-SHIP) Working Group
Curt Beckwith cbeckwith@lifespan.org

CFAR Sub-Saharan Africa Group
Anne Efron aefron@jhmi.edu

Inter-CFAR Substance Use Research Community (I-SURC)
Christopher Kahler christopher_kahler@brown.edu
Karsten Lunze lunze@bu.edu

Inter-CFAR Transgender Health Working Group
Clare Barrington cbarring@email.unc.edu

Inter-CFAR Working Group on Aging
Shelle Bryant sbryant@emory.edu

Inter-CFAR Faith and Spirituality Working Group
David Haas david.haas@vumc.org

NIAID Webpage of all CFAR-CFAR Collaborations 

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