Founded in 1996 by Jay M. McDonald, M.D., the Center for Metabolic Bone Disease (CMBD) is today directed by Majd Zayzafoon, M.D., PhD., Associate Professor, Department of Pathology. The development of the CMBD has been a faculty-driven effort, characteristic of many successful programs at UAB.

Although the overall research environment at UAB is fertile and dynamic, prior to formation of the CMBD, there were few coordinated research efforts in metabolic bone diseases, no centralized osteoporosis clinic and only scattered independent clinical trials in osteoporosis at UAB. Since its inception, a comprehensive multi-disciplinary osteoporosis clinic is being successfully operated, representing a prototype for UAB, core facilities to support research and education have been developed, clinical trials have increased, and new faculty in basic bone biology, biomedical engineering and clinical research have been recruited.

The CMBD represents one of twenty-one designated university-wide interdisciplinary research centers at UAB, determined by competitive internal competition. A University-wide interdisciplinary research center at UAB is defined as one that involves multiple schools in a true interdisciplinary manner. In 1996 the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama designated the CMBD as a Center of Excellence.

Founder:  Jay M. McDonald, M.D.

Director:  Majd Zayzafoon, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Vice Director of Research:  Yi-Ping Li, Ph.D.

                                      Director of Core Activities:  Selvarangan Ponnazhagan, PhD


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