CMBD Community Leadership Council Established

Through close collaboration with Dr. Sarah Morgan, Director of the Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Clinic, the CMBD has established a "Community Leadership Council," which consists of thoughtful, charismatic community leaders that meet four times a year to advise on community outreach and fundraising opportunities.  Each Council member contributes their individual expertise and thinking to the current and future community outreach and fundraising efforts of the CMBD. While serving to increase awareness of the CMBD through public outreach and the creation of strategic community relationships, the Council also serves to advise the Center Director of different available opportunities to generate revenue streams through avenues such as philanthropy and fundraising, in order to fund critically important programs and activities.

We have been able to put together a very promising roster which includes a diverse group of professionals and philanthropists from various disciplines and backgrounds across Birmingham. 

While the Council will continue to develop its own objectives, we anticipate that the initial objectives will be:

To keep the Bone Center and the Osteoporosis clinic a vibrant part of the Birmingham community. Support of the clinic will help the staff continue to design appropriate treatment plans, including exercise, nutrition and medications;

To support research projects within the CMBD.

Community Leadership Council Members:

Majd Zayzafoon, MD, PhD (Co-Chair), Director, CMBD

Sarah Morgan, MD (Co-Chair), Director, OPTC  

Mary Wier, CFP, Vice President & Financial Consultant, NBC Securities

Elna Brendel, YWCA Foundation Board

Susan Mason, Managing Partner, B&A Warehouse

Mia Cowan, MD, Founder & Medical Director, MiBella Wellness Center, LLC

Debra H. Goldstein, Administrative Law Judge

Cheryl Williams, President, A.G. Williams & Co., Inc.

Darlene Negrotto, President & CEO, Vulcan Park & Museum