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Established as University Wide Interdisplinary Research Center in 2009 the UAB Comprehensive Neuroscience Center (CNC) is a network of 210 UAB faculty representing 32 departments and 9 UAB Schools which serve as the focal point for UAB basic and applied neuroscience research.

The overall mission of the CNC is to promote and support interdisciplinary neuroscience research, clinical care and education at UAB. Within that mission the CNC has fostered a University wide pillar structure to facilitate effective cross-disciplinary collaboration among clusters of faculty focused on similar or complementary research. Research areas included under the Pillars are: Addiction, Circadian Rhythms, Cognition and Cognitive Disorders, Epilepsy, Glial Biology, Mental Illness, Neurodegeneration, Neuroengineering, Neuroimaging, Neuromodulation and Pain.

Benchmarks of effective cross pillar collaboration are new large extramural and MPI awards at the intersection of disciplines, otherwise not possible. This goal is precisely in alignment with UAB’s strategic plan, “Forging the Future” with innovative and interdisciplinary research and education at its core. The institutions that can most rapidly and creatively establish the necessary neuroscience initiatives to facilitate the translation of basic research discoveries into effective therapies will be positioned to lead neurological and psychiatric disease research into the future.