The UAB Coagulation Service is dedicated to meeting the coagulation medicine needs of the Southeast.

We unify the collective knowledge of Pathology, Internal Medicine, Hematology, Oncology, and Laboratory Medicine in a university-based medical center to advise on the diagnosis and management of both hemorrhagic and thrombotic disorders.

Experienced senior technologists staff our special coagulation laboratory and are available to advise on all technical issues.
New patients with coagulation disorders may contact the Kirklin Clinic Department of Hematology, 205-934-5077 for an appointment.  Returning patients may call 801-8415.

  • For assistance in ordering the appropriate coagulation tests, select Clinical Conditions.
  • For a discussion of the interpretation of coagulation laboratory tests for thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders, select Test Interpretation & Therapy.
  • For comprehensive assistance in providing coagulation factor concentrate therapy, and in monitoring anticoagulant therapy, select Test Interpretation & Therapy.
  • To post questions or comments, please visit Mr. Fritsma's Interactive Hemostasis Resource web log ("Blog")

The UAB Coagulation Service is a member of
The Department of Pathology Division of Laboratory Medicine and collaborates with the UAB Hospital special coagulation laboratory, hematopathology laboratory and transfusion medicine service.