UAB faculty, fellows and staff interested in a COERE membership appointment are asked to send a letter of request to the center directors describing their area of research focus and/or professional expertise and expressing their interest in outcomes research. A copy of the faculty member’s NIH Biographical Sketch (in the new format) and current curriculum vitae should also be attached. Approval is made by the directors.

Address letters or email to COERE Directors:

Kenneth Saag, MD, MSc, Director
Michael Mugavero, MD, MHSc, Co-Director
Emily Levtan, ScD, Co-Director

Email address: COERE Application

Physical address:
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Faculty Office Tower, Suite 820
510 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233

General Membership Requirements

The main requirements for membership in the COERE are a demonstrated track record in research and an expressed interest in the field of outcomes and effectiveness research.

Other Requirements

Members agree to update the COERE’s database annually or on request regarding their research activities. In addition to their own research activities, members may be invited to participate on at least one internal grant review per year at the request of COERE Directors. Membership will be renewed every two years to determine if a member has demonstrated an active interest in outcomes research programs.

Faculty Appointments

COERE membership is considered a secondary appointment for UAB faculty. Center rank or title will be assigned on the basis of the faculty members’ current primary appointment and academic title as follows:

COERE Rank/Title - Equivalent Primary Appointment
Senior Scientist - Professor
Scientist - Associate or Assistant Professor and Adjunct Faculty

Associate Membership Appointments

For non-faculty and for community/industry or other institutional affiliates, the COERE has established an Associate member category. Associate members are welcomed on the basis of interest, participation and collaboration in outcomes and effectiveness research activities and programs at UAB.