Below is a list of diversity, equity, and inclusion training options that are offered by the Heersink School of Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), UAB Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), and two university certificate programs.

The training offered by ODI are each one hour in length and are available in person and via zoom. ODEI sessions are offered via zoom only. The certificate programs are available online on the Ohio State University website.

The contact is provided for each of the offerings. Please feel free to contact ODI Program Director, Leisha Hultgren, PhD, if you have questions about this information.


UAB Heersink School of Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion Training (ODI)

Contact: Dr. Leisha Hultgren (


Common Thread Diversity ToolkitCommon Thread Image

This toolkit includes four modules, each module consists of three or four short videos (totaling 30 minutes) and discussion prompts for each video (totaling 30 minutes).

The four modules are:
Module A- Building Belonging
Module B- Understanding Bias
Module C- Cultural Competency
Module D- Conflict Resolution

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Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Health Professions

Facilitated large group and small group discussions focus on common types of unconscious bias in health professions and strategies to mitigate them.

Unconscious Bias and Leadership Development

New and emerging leaders are invited to reflect on how unconscious bias impacts decision making related to recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and promotion. In small and large groups, participants explore best practices to mitigate bias in these decisions.

Making the Invisible Visible: Understanding and Disrupting Microaggression (1/1/23)

Attendees participate in activities and discussions to promote an understanding of microaggression and the forms it takes, especially in academic medicine. Specific strategies to disrupt microaggression are practiced.

Addressing Bias in Virtual Interviews

Specifically for members of selection committees who conduct virtual interviews for potential residents and fellows, this presentation reviews perception/stereotype bias, candidate setting bias, vocal tone bias, rating scale bias, and strategies to mitigate biases.


UAB Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)

Contact: Ivory Simmons (

Courses Offered
- Cultural Building Blocks
- Unconscious Bias
- Safe Zone
- Bystander Intervention
- Inclusive Language
- Faculty Search Committee Best Practices

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The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Ohio State University

Implicit Bias Module Series
This self-paced free training includes four engaging modules to provide an in-depth understanding of implicit bias and a fifth optional module to complete for a certificate.

1. Understanding Implicit Bias
2. Real-World Implications
3. Understanding Your Own Biases
4. Mitigating Unwanted Bias
5. Certificate Test Module

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