In recent years, several strategies have been employed by colleges and universities to achieve greater faculty diversity. Most of these efforts have focused on increasing the “numbers” of persons from diverse groups on faculties. It is clear that the acquisition of a critical mass of individuals from diverse groups is the important first step in achieving faculty diversity, but of course full faculty diversity requires much more than numbers – a climate of inclusion must be ingrained throughout the institution. An institutional climate in support of faculty diversity is essential for success.

Institutions must match their rhetoric on faculty diversity with action. Research shows that faculty diversity is enhanced by infrastructures in place that support it. And while recruitment of diverse faculty is important, mentoring and support leading to increased satisfaction and professional development are essential.

It is in this context that the Heersink School of Medicine has created The UAB Hispanic and Latin American Faculty Association led by Drs. Marcela Frazier and Fernando Ovalle.

Hispanic Latinx Faculty 1
Dr. Marcela Frazier
Hispanic Latinx Faculty 3
Dr. Sixto Leal
Hispanic Latinx Faculty 2
Dr. James Willig (right)
Hispanic Latinx Faculty 6
Dr. Luciano Costa
Hispanic Latinx Faculty 4
Dr. Andre Ballesteros-Tato (left)
Hispanic Latinx Faculty 5
Dr. Eric Wallace


The UAB Hispanic and Latin American Faculty Association will foster, promote, and advocate for Hispanic and Latin American faculty while inspiring diversity, equity, and inclusion within the campus and healthcare community.

We will do this by:

  • Encouraging communication, networking, mentoring and professional development, as well as serving as a voice for cultural and educational concerns among our faculty
  • Serving to improve the recruitment and retention of Hispanic and Latin American faculty, trainees, and medical students and promote engagement within the School of Medicine
  • Advocating for the Hispanic and Latin American community to enhance multicultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion in healthcare


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Watch Past Zoom Meetings

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  • Dr. Pozzo-Miller: Hispanic and Latin American Faculty Association Meeting

    Session Leader: Dr. Pozzo-Miller

    Dr. Lucas Pozzo-Miller, Ph. D, professor in the Departments of Neurobiology, Neurology, Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology, and Psychology, speaks to his experience as a Hispanic/Latin American researcher.


  • Telehealth Al Tiro: How COVID-19 Changed Healthcare Delivery Forever

    Session Leader: Dr. Eric Wallace

    The UAB Hispanic and Latin American Faculty Association meeting for June 2021 included guest speaker, Eric Wallace, M.D.

    Dr. Wallace is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nephrology and the Medical Director for Telehealth in the UAB Health System.

    During this meeting, he shared:

    • His background and his mother’s story;
    • His experience creating the telehealth network at UAB;
    • Some of the data on Hispanics and disparities in telehealth; and
    • The attempts to do telehealth outside of the U.S. (specifically, Peru).