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Underrepresented in Medicine Senior Scholarship Program

The Pediatric Clerkship Directors and Pediatric Residency Program Directors are excited to announce the establishment of the Underrepresented in Medicine Senior Scholarship Program for Pediatrics at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. The Scholarship will provide funding for visiting fourth year medical students to participate in 4-week clinical rotations in the Department of Pediatrics. For more information, or to apply, click here.

Minority Doctors
The Heersink School of Medicine Diversity

We approach diversity recruitment and empowerment with intentionality. In 2013, the Heersink School of Medicine Executive Committee adopted a strategic plan with the goal of promoting a more diverse presence of highly qualified trainees and faculty. 

Per the strategic plan, diversity and inclusion efforts on behalf of medical students, residents, and faculty were brought under the leadership of a Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, who was tasked with coordinating and orchestrating all efforts falling under this rubric. Dr. Mona Fouad was named to this position by Dean of the School of Medicine Selwyn Vickers. 

The text of the strategic plan summary can be found here

The Heersink School of Medicine is committed to providing an environment conducive to the professional growth and advancement of minorities in health care. Excellence and innovation only flourish in an environment in which important challenges are tackled by individuals who come together from the broadest possible spectrum of life experiences and perspectives. Advancing true diversity and inclusion is not only a goal, it is an academic necessity; compelling evidence attests to the reality that diversity within a medical school markedly increases the quality of medical education, expands and informs the research agenda, and improves the quality of health care delivered to the surrounding communities. 

The Heersink School of Medicine creates an environment where minorities in medicine choose to be by:

  • Cultivating an environment that supports and encourages the professional development of minorities Cheryl Smith and Patientin medicine in their chosen medical field. 
  • Actively recruiting minority faculty members, as excellence is cultivated through gleaning insight and expertise from a wide range of cultural and personal perspectives. 
  • Promoting the retention and advancement of tenure-track minorities in medical science.
  • Providing mentoring and career support for junior faculty members.
  • Identifying possible barriers to the advancement of minorities in academic medicine and developing effective strategies to combat them.