Since 1993, the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) program has been assisting women in medicine to develop the tools and skills they need to assist their advancement in the medical community. According to Richman and Magrane, writing for the AAMC, when ELAM was first conceived in 1993, only three deans of medical schools were women. Dr. D. Walter Cohen, Dr. Patricia Cormier, and Dr. Page Morahan, who founded the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine program, convened the first class in September 1995 with 25 fellows.

Dr. Morgan UABToday, ELAM remains the United States' only in depth academic medical/dental leadership program for women. According to Sandra Bearden, writing in the Alabama Medical Alumni Bulletin, ELAM brings together outstanding women from academic health centers with the intention of better preparing participants for senior positions in medical and dental schools. It includes sessions in the fall and spring, a two-day forum on emerging issues, and additional work between sessions. (To read Bearden's complete article on ELAM at UAB, click here.)

Most recently, Dr. Cynthia Brown and Dr. Nita Limdi of the Heersink School of Medicine were named as ELAM fellows. (Read more.)

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