Taste of Diversity Cookbook SquareRecap, Impact, Cookbook, Winners, and Acknowledgements

 The idea of coming together was challenging in 2020 and has continued to be in 2021. However, with the hardships faced this past year, “togetherness” is perhaps what we needed most.

Since 2016, the School of Medicine Office for Diversity & Inclusion has hosted a Diversity Fair to raise awareness and celebrate the different cultures found at UAB. Carefully selected to fall on Second Look Weekend, this event embodies what it means to work and learn at our school—how each one of us can come together to create something amazing.

This principle is why we felt it was imperative not to cancel the 2021 Diversity Fair. Instead, following all safety guidelines, the office pivoted to a virtual competition that consisted of two parts: a video upload and social media voting.

In January, we sent out a call for entries—inviting all of our School of Medicine departments, students, faculty, and staff to participate in this reimagined event.

And your response was extraordinary!

Thank you to everyone who participated in making the virtual Diversity Fair a success. From the initial stages of collaborating within your departments to the down-to-the-wire campaigning on Facebook, each one of you made this event special. As promised, we’ve compiled all the recipes submitted in the fair and have created the first, A Taste of Diversity: 2021 ODI Diversity Fair Cookbook.


 Download the Cookbook 


While we missed seeing everyone’s smiling faces in person, the impact from the virtual diversity fair was felt across the world.

Diversity Fair Impact v2


After a 4-day voting period on social media and careful review by the judges—looking at creativity, presentation, and final plating—the 2021 Diversity Fair winners are as follows:


Winner first Place

Winner Second Place

Winner Third Place

Winner Honorable


The Office for Diversity & Inclusion would like to specially thank each of these departments. We understand everyone has busy schedules and we are honored that you chose to spend free-time promoting diversity and inclusion here at UAB.


  • Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
    • Presented by Dr. James Weisberg’s wife, Ellen Italiaander
    • Submitted by Jessica Jernigan
  • Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
    • Presented by Anna Schreiber, Graduate Student
    • Submitted by Tatum Street
  • Department of Dermatology
    • Presented and submitted by Dr. Purushotham Guroji and family
  • Department of Emergency Medicine
    • Presented by Dr. Matthew DeLaney
    • Submitted by Dr. Andrew Edwards
  • Department of Family & Community Medicine
    • Savorty- Presented by Dr. Sumayah Abed
    • Sweets- Presented by Dr. Jill Marsh
    • Submitted by Erin Slay-Wilson
  • Department of Genetics
    • Presented and submitted by Dr. Runhua Liu
  • Department of Neurobiology
    • Presented and submitted by Dr. Cristin Gavin
  • Department of Neurosurgery
    • Presented and submitted by Dr. Moaaz Abdelrashid 
  • Department of Obstertics and Gynecology
    • Presented by Dr. Warner Huh
    • Submitted by Heather Lewis
  • Department of Ophthalmology
    • Presented by Dr. Marcella Frazier and family
    • Submitted by Carlon Harris
  • Department of Otolaryngology
    • Presented by Dr. Do-Yeon Cho
    • Submitted by Lindsey Evans
  • Department of Pathology
    • Beef- Presented by Dr. Litovski’s Wife, Arlene Litovski
    • Chicken- Presented by Monica Henderson
    • Submitted by Hannah Weems
  • Department of Pediatrics
    • Narrated and submitted by Dr. Tina Simpson
    • Recipe 1- submitted by Dr. Smita Bhatia
    • Recipe 2- submitted by Dr. Samantha Hill
    • Recipe 2 (alternative)- submitted by Dr. Samantha Hill
    • Recipe 3- submitted by Dr. Reed Dimmitt
    • Recipe 4- submitted by Dr. Reed Dimmitt
    • Recipe 5- submitted by Dr. Reed Dimmitt
  • Department of Surgery
    • Introduced by Dr. Bob Dabal
    • Additional Chefs/Participants Include: Dr. Juan Munoz, Dr. Meixi Ma, Dr. Panayotis Vardas, Brett Melnikoff, Dr. Colin Martin, and Dr. Herb Chen
    • Submitted by Emma Harchanko and Marissa Keppley
  • Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery
    • Presented by Kaycee Hair
    • Submitted by Allison Moss
  • Medical Students
    • Presented and submitted by Natalie Garcia
  • Department of Urology
    • Presented by Dr. Dean Assimos
    • Submitted by Lindsey Evans