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We are working hard to give our mentors and mentees the best experience possible. Unfortunately, this means during the next phase of our development, the portal will be unavailable. Please continue to check back for updates. 


If you're looking to become a mentor, please reach out to Justin Evans at evansjt@uab.edu


Diversity and Inclusion Mentorship Program

What is it?

UAB Connect is a mentorship portal designed to make it easier for UABSOM students and residents from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine to find and connect with faculty mentors from similar backgrounds. 

What for?

We understand that while establishing meaningful mentorship relationships is critical for academic success, finding the right mentor(s) can be very hard to do. UAB Connect is here to make the process easier for students and trainees.  

Who is the target?

The first phase of the program targets mentees and mentors from racial and ethnic minorities that are traditionally underrepresented in medicine, compared to the patient population in Alabama. Very soon, we plan to invite other groups in this initiative as well, to include those from rural hometowns, those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and first generation medical students. In the future, we also plan to include LGBTQ individuals and religious minority groups in this initiative. 

What’s next?

Students and residents

If you are interested in establishing a relationship with a faculty mentor, click here to find one.  First, enter your Blazer ID and password. On the next page, fill out at least one of the search fields (you can select more than one field to narrow your search). Faculty members who fit the criteria will result. If desired, you can also browse the faculty member’s official UAB profile by clicking the “view faculty profile” link.  Email your potential mentor and let him or her know that you would like to establish a mentorship relationship and why. Remember to tell them that you found them through the UAB Connect program.


If you are interested in becoming a faculty mentor, click here. First, enter your Blazer ID and password. On the next page, fill out your mentor profile.  When you have 2-3 mentees, please log back in and indicate that you are no longer accepting mentees. We recommend that you update your UAB faculty page (scholars.uab.edu), though this is not necessary to participate in the program. 

Follow up 

Mentees, please click this link to let us know when you have made a match with a mentor. You will be asked to provide your mentor's name. If you have more than one mentor, list all of them.

We want UAB Connect to be a useful resource for students, residents and faculty. Because of this, we ask each mentee to fill out an evaluation form each quarter for each mentor. Please click here to find the evaluation form. In the long-run, we hope to study the effects of the program on student and resident well-being and retention at UAB.

Future Directions

Remember, the first phase of the program is targeted at racial and ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in medicine. We plan to include the other groups mentioned above as soon as logistically feasible (rural, economically disadvantaged, first generation medical students, LGBTQ and religious minorities). Stay tuned!

If there are any questions or comments about the program, please contact Justin Evans at justinevans@uabmc.edu using the subject line UAB Connect. 

For IT support, please email meis@uab.edu or call 205-934-6620.