Hoover team on CMA appreciation dayHoover clinic team members

The UAB Hoover Family and Community Medicine Clinic, led by Sameera Davuluri, M.D., assistant professor and medical director, and Annie Shedlarski, R.N., nurse manager, consistently ranks among the best UAB outpatient clinics across the health system. Shedlarski knows why.

“Our team. No question about it,” she said. “Our providers work closely with certified clinical medical assistants (CCMA) and patient experience staff (PES) to provide care to our patients. Each ‘teamlet’ (Provider-CCMA-PES) communicates well and is accountable for delivering the services needed. They work as a harmonious unit – holding each other accountable for high standards of care.”

In 2021, the Hoover team earned an average of 9-10 out of 10 from 95.3% of patients on clinic staff satisfaction. The clinic is ranked as a Level 5 clinic, the highest level at UAB. While the Hoover clinic is just one of several primary care clinics in the UAB Health System, Shedlarski and other leaders have been asked to share the secrets to their success informally and formally through the Alliance.

"Annie has been an incredible asset to UAB, and her leadership at UAB Hoover has made a tremendous impact on the community, ensuring that UAB Hoover is a destination for high quality, patient-centered care,” said Leah Lawler, MSHQS, LSSBB, ambulatory patient experience manager for UAB Medicine’s Office of Patient Experience and Engagement. “From its opening in 2019, Annie and the leadership at Hoover has made patient care and patient satisfaction a top priority, setting forth best practices for the facility that ensure seamless care for patients, while at the same time building lasting relationships with her staff.”

Shedlarski is most proud of the team’s Clinic Staff Satisfaction scores, which are consistently in the mid to high nineties. She notes that when patients recognize staff, leaders can be confident that the team is working as it should.

 The level of care shines through in the feedback patients share after their visits. Patients often leave comments like, “everyone greeted me and made me feel special,” “they were very attentive to my healthcare needs,” and “love this place” when providing feedback from their visits. 

The Hoover clinic opened in 2020 and quickly expanded. Sumayah Abed, M.D., joined in the spring of 2020 and Angela Rotter, R.N., MPH, FNP, moved from her nursing position to become a nurse practitioner for the clinic in early 2021. Several CMAs and administrative staff also joined the team as it grew to support more patients and clinic growth.

As a leader overseeing growth and working with Shedlarski to build a strong team, Davuluri acknowledged the importance of recognizing each team member’s unique skills and contributions.

Ian McKeag, M.D.Sameera Davuluri, M.D.

“It is vital to clearly understand each and every person’s role and expectations,” she said. “By doing this, we work together in synergy with one goal of excellence in patient care.”

Davuluri also commented on how having a team with shared values makes her goals, and the clinic’s goals, fulfilling and achievable.

The team, like many at UAB, has faced challenges related to COVID-19, but they remain dedicated to their patients and coming to work ready to improve each day.

“Strong teams do not see challenges as roadblocks, they see challenges as opportunities to shine,” noted Shedlarski. “When faced with a challenge, Lovie (one of our CCMAs) will always respond with a smile and saying, ‘We got this.’”

Other leadership in the department and throughout UAB often take time to congratulate the Hoover team on their achievements.

“We are proud of all of our team members at our Hoover clinic,” noted Irfan Asif, M.D., department chair and director of the UAB primary care service line. “Annie and Sameera do an outstanding job, and it is wonderful to see their team being recognized for their successes.”

The future is bright for the Hoover clinic team, and all teams at UAB, if they continue to value each other and shared goals. For leaders like Shedlarski, maintaining a team-centered environment helps the group achieve goals and enjoy coming to work each day. 

“The best part of my job? Growing my team, watching them grow and witnessing their achievements,” said Shedlarski. “And seeing them smile.” 

For more information about the Hoover Family and Community Medicine Clinic, visit their website.