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The Department of Genetics is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty focused on performing basic laboratory and clinical research, providing inpatient and outpatient consultation services and offering state-of-the-art genetic diagnostic testing.


We seek to expand knowledge and create new applications through clinical, laboratory, and computational research along the continuum from fundamental studies to preclinical investigations, to bench-to-bedside translation, to clinical practice and community implementation. Our faculty lead research projects using human subjects, as well as model organisms including yeast, Drosophila, mouse, rat and mammalian cell lines. Our cutting-edge research includes the following:

  • Tumor genetics including neurofibromatosis and cancers of the breast, lung, liver, ovary and prostate

  • Bioinformatics and computational biology, including Bioinformatics core support

  • Mitochondrial biology, genetics and mechanisms underlying inter-organelle crosstalk in health, disease and health disparities

  • Neurodevelopment and congenital neurodevelopmental diseases, including that of the eye

  • Non-coding RNA function and RNA modification

  • DNA biology and epigenetics

  • Stem Cell biology 

  • Systems biology using model organisms and in silico models

  • Genomics and Genetics of human developmental disorders

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Clinical Services 

Our goal is to deliver outstanding care for patients and families through integrated clinical and laboratory services. For some conditions, we are considered a national and international referral source.

  • Comprehensive prenatal, pediatric, and adult inpatient and outpatient genetic services, including diagnosis, management and counseling

  • State-of-the-art laboratory services, including cytogenetics, molecular genetics and biochemical genetics

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We provide genetics education and training to students, health professionals, researchers and the public.

  • Undergraduate program in Genetics and Genomic Sciences

  • Graduate education, including Ph.D., M.D./Ph.D. and genetic counseling

  • Postdoctoral research

  • Medical student preclinical and clinical teaching

  • Genetics residency training

  • Training in all ABMGG specialties (clinical genetics, biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics and molecular genetic pathology)

  • Continuing education for health providers

  • Public education around the community and state