The Engineered Models Resource is directed by Dr. Bradley Yoder and Co-directors Drs. Robert Kesterson, and John Parant. The Directors have expertise in homologous recombination in mouse ES cells, the generation of C. elegans mutant and transgenic lines, and generation and screening of mutant mice, rats, zebrafish and mammalian cell lines through CRISPR genomic engineering.

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Dr. Bradley Yoder
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1918 University Blvd
Birmingham AL 35294
Phone Number: 205-934-0994
Dr. Robert Kesterson
University of Alabama at Birmingham
720 20th Street South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294
Phone Number: 205-934-7206
Dr. John Parant
University of Alabama at Birmingham
VH 252
1720 2nd Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone Number: 205-975-8469