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The Tecnai Spirit T12 Transmission Electron Microscope (Thermo-Fisher, formerly FEI) was installed the basement of the Shelby Biomedical Building in 2006 and has been operational since April of 2007. It has an operating voltage range of 20 to 120 kV and a magnification range of 18.5x-650kx. An AMT (Advanced Microscopy Techniques, Corp) Bio Sprint 29 megapixel digital camera allows for magnifications of thin samples (<500 nm).

Application-Specific Modes/Functionalities

  • Bright- and dark-field imaging
  • Large specimen tilt compatible with high resolution
  • Diffraction

Specimen Holders

  • Single tilt sample holder
  • Double tilt sample holder


  • LaB6(Lanthanum hexaborohydride) filament installed
  • Sample size: 3 mm support discs
  • Magnification range 18.5x-650kx
  • Point-point resolution: 0.34 nm
  • Line resolution: 0.2 nm

Routine Applications in HRIF

  • Room temp TEM
  • Negative staining technique, a qualitative method for examining the structure of isolated organelles, individual macromolecules and viruses
  • Diffraction

TEM Tissue Processing

  • EM Processing (Fixation, Osmification, dehydration, embedding, etc.)
  • Ultramicrotomy

Microscope Equipment

  • FEI-Tecnai T12 Spirit 20-120kv
  • AMT Bio Sprint 29 megapixel digital camera

TEM Contact

To discuss your TEM project please contact Melissa Chimento at or (205) 934-1926.