Lionheart system

The Lionheart FX Automated Imaging System from Biotek is a small footprint microscope that offers broad variety of high quality imaging techniques. The system will accommodate imaging requirements for basic as well as advanced time-course experiments.


  • Imaging of slides, dishes, and multiwell plates
  • Fluorescence, brightfield, and phase-contrast imaging
  • Color histology imaging
  • High speed fluorescent imaging of up to four channels with laser autofocus
  • z-stacks
  • Imaging of multiple regions of the same slide, dish, plate or selected well
  • Image stitching of large regions
  • Environmental control for live imaging


Our Lionheart FX system is equipped with 5 high quality air objectives.
Lionheart objectives

Filter Cubes:



  • Environmental control (temperature, humidity and CO2)
  • Motorized stage
  • Laser autofocus
  • Multiple stage inserts for slides, dishes and multiwell plates


The Gen5 software allows for a broad range of image rendering and analysis. Note, Gen5 is also available on our stand alone Analysis workstation. Now you will be able to:

  • Measure confluency on single or time-lapse images
  • Count label-free cells
  • Measure kinetics of cell migration, scratch invasion, and spheroid formation
  • Nuclei count, cytoplasm and organelle analysis
  • Monitor and analyze molecular movement between cellular compartments
  • And more…