C2 Picture

The C2+ is designed as an essential microscopy tool for the laboratory, providing powerful and robust imaging capabilities. The high-efficiency scan heads and detectors, coupled with Nikon’s unrivaled optics, provide superior confocal images. The high-speed galvano scanners, operating at rates of up to 100 fps*, enable even the fast-beating motion of cardiac muscles to be captured with precision. The system has three simultaneous channels with an additional Transmitted light channel. Also a tunable variable bandwidth 32 channel spectral detector for research that requires spectra Imaging in addition to the standard detector.


  • RGB and Far-Red imaging capabilities with High-Definition Diascopic DIC images
  • C2-DUVB High Sensitivity Spectal Detection: 32 Channel Enhanced Spectral Detection with two GaAsP detectors and Virtual Filter option for customizable emission settings. Spectral Un-mixing
  • Multiple wavelength gratings for Lamba scans (2.5nm/5nm/10nm steps)
  • High speed time-lapse at up too 100fps
  • Increased High detection sensitivity for photosensitive samples with GaAsP detection
  • 3D and 2D imaging capabilities
  • Spectral FRET Analysis


  • SR HP Apo Tirf 100x AC na 1.5 wd 120
  • 60x Apo Tirf 60x oil DIC n2 na 1.5 wd 120um
  • 20x plan Apo vc 20x DIC n2 na o.8 wd 1000um
  • Plan Fluor 40x Oil DIC H N2
  • Plan Apo 60x Oil λS DIC N2
  • Plan Fluor 100X 1.49 NA, Oil, DIC

LU-NV Laser Launch System:

405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 647nm


  • Perfect Focus System
  • Nikon Eclipse Ti2 inverted microscope
  • Motorized x-y stage with encoders
  • Piezo Z-stage
  • Tokai Hit Environmental Chamber

Acquisition Software:

The Nis Elements 5.0 Imaging Software contains a cutting-edge analysis package of modules for doing quantification and densitometry of fluorescence in 2D and 3D.  Nis Elements can also be used to count cells and track cells on time-lapse movies.