Wyatt and Susan Haskell Professor of
Medical Excellence in

Address: 845 19th Street South
Bevill Biomedical
Research Building, 870
Birmingham, AL 35294
Telephone: (205) 975-5537
FAX: (205) 975-8310
Email: cweaver@uab.edu






BS, University of Florida
MD, University of Florida
Residency and post-doctoral training, Barnes Hospital and Washington University

Research Interests

The research in my laboratory concerns the mechanisms by which CD4 T cells control adaptive immunity. Major current projects are: the generation and characterization of transgenic and knock-in mouse models for tracking T cell fate during CD4 effector and memory T cell development; studies defining mechanisms that control development and function of the Th17 effector lineage; development and function of regulatory T cells; characterization of mechanisms by which dysregulation of CD4 T cells leads to inflammatory bowel disease; and, characterization of the genetic elements that regulate cytokine gene expression in effector and regulatory T cells.