mevertsAssistant Professor of Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases

Address: Children's Harbor Building, 302
Birmingham, AL 35294-1711
Telephone: (205) 934-2973
FAX: (205) 934-8559


Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance




M.Sc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Ph.D. (Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery), Groningen University Institute for Drug Exploration (GUIDE), the Netherlands
Post-doctoral Training, Division of Human Gene Therapy, UAB

Research Interests

Dr. Everts is Research Project Director with the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance; in that capacity she interfaces with a wide range of scientists involved in the drug discovery and development process, with a focus on projects in oncology, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. She is trained in the pharmaceutical sciences and has a broad range of publications in drug delivery, adenovirus-based gene therapy as well as nanotechnology, highlighting her experience in interdisciplinary research teams.