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Jennifer Conway Early Improvement in Clinical Status Impacts VAD Survival in Children
Kathleen E. Simpson Right Heart Failure in Children After Initial Lvad Implantation Within the Pedimacs Registry Experience
Sharon Chen Outcomes after First Infection in Adolescents and Young Adults with Ventricular Assist Devices: An Analysis of the PEDIMACS-INTERMACS Database
James Kirklin Quantifying the Devastation From Stroke During Support With Continuous Flow Pumps: An Intermacs Analysis
José Tallaj The Impact of VAD Clinical Course on Post-Transplant Survival: A Merged Intermacs and OPTN Data Project
Jeffrey Teuteberg Outcomes in Late Right Heart Failure after LVAD: A Contemporary Analysis of the New Intermacs 4.0 Definition
J. Eduardo Rame The Ebb and Flow of Right Heart Failure in INTERMACS: Does Right Heart Failure Get Better or Worse Over Time
Ryan Cantor Trends in Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support: Are Patients, Devices, and Outcomes Changing
Seth Hollander Failure to Improve Renal Function Following VAD Placement Predicts Renal Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease Following Cardiac Transplant
Scott Auerbach The Effect of Infectious Complications During Ventricular Assist Device Use on Outcomes of Pediatric Heart Transplantation
Stavros Drakos Late-onset Right Heart Failure Following LVAD Implantation: Definitions, Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Outcomes
Douglas Franz Trajectories in Long-Term Kidney Function Post-MCSD Implant
Valluvan Jeevanandam Using INTERMACS to Define and Develop Performance Criteria for the “Less Sick” CHF Populaiton
Renzo Y.Loyaga-Rendon ECMO as Bridge to LVAD-an Analysis of INTERMACS Data
Syed Peer Comparison Durable Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Implantation with and without Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Therapy as Bridge
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Suzanne Arnold Predictors of Health Status Improvement after DT-LVAD
Maya Guglin Cardiac Power for Prediction of Outcomes in Patients with LVADs
Maya Guglin Right Atrial Pressure is the Best Hemodynamic Predictor of Mortality among LVAD recipients
Farooq Sheikh MCS Outcomes in Patients with Inflammatory Cardiomyopathies
Jennifer Cowger Correlation of Blood Pressure on LVAD Support with Outcomes: An Analysis of INTERMACS Data
Simon Maltais Validation and Development of a Hemocompatibility Scoring System for Patients Implanted with Approved CF-LVAD
Andrew Xanthopoulos Differences in Thrombotic Events Based on Sildenafil Use between Low Level Hemolysis LVAD Patients
Robert Kormos Characterizing Patterns and Relationships Between Adverse Events: Timing and Clustering of Events associated with LVADs within the INTERMACS/Medicare Cohort
Arene Butto Severity of Illness at the Time of MCS implantation in Children (Pedimacs)
Ryan Butts Utilization and Outcomes for BiVADs in Pedimacs Patients (Pedimacs)