Good ideas persist. The best ones can survive war and social change, technological revolutions, and economic ups and downs. They spark ambitious visions, connect people, energize our communities, and, most important, offer hope to those who need it most.

In November 1859, the founders of a medical school in Mobile hit upon a truly great idea: serving Alabama through knowledge and discovery. Now, 150 years later, we can see how that unbroken tradition of public medical education has changed our state in countless ways. Here we spotlight five contributions that have made a measurable, lasting, and sometimes unexpected impact on the lives of Alabamians past, present, and future.


Five Key Legacies

Minds and Hearts
Two medical legends make Alabama a center for cardiovascular care.


Resources for Rural Medicine
Communication and education help bridge gaps in underserved communities.


Specialized Care Comes Home
Cancer care and transplantation find fertile ground for innovation.


Diet of Discovery
Nutrition experts seek solutions to the state's pressing health issues.


Specialized Delivery
Neonatologists lead efforts to reduce infant mortality.


Web Extra: Limitless Legacies
A list of many additional breakthroughs, from AIDS to immunology.

Alumni: Family Medicine
A tradition of caring spans one century, three generations, and 13 alumni.

Web Extra: School of Life
Explore 150 years of history in a photo slideshow.