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What separates UAB’s comprehensive centers from specialty centers elsewhere? Four months.   

At least that’s what neurobiologist Harald Sontheimer, Ph.D., will tell you. Four months after his research team announced its discovery of a link between primary brain tumors and epileptic seizures—and a drug that seems to inhibit both—UAB patients are already benefiting from the breakthrough. A group is currently receiving the potential therapy as part of a clinical trial.

The quick time frame is the result of an unusual degree of collaboration between scientists and clinicians made possible by UAB’s dozens of comprehensive centers. Specialists of every stripe share their knowledge and resources, along with a single-minded focus to fight disease. “The key word here isn’t ‘center,’ but ‘comprehensive,’” says Ray L. Watts, M.D., senior vice president for medicine and School of Medicine dean. “We break down barriers and bring people together to discuss what problems need to be solved and what solutions have the best chance of helping patients.”

See how UAB's comprehensive centers have sparked important new discoveries in neuroscience, cancer, and diabetes and heart disease—and preview UAB's two newest comprehensive centers: the Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center and the Comprehensive Transplant Institute.


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