Q: Who can be a mentor?
A: Faculty investigators from UAB and our partnering institutions who are willing to serve as mentors for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty involved in the various MHRC training programs.

Q: Who can be a mentee?
A: Only participants in MHRC training programs can be mentees.

Q: What training programs can I volunteer to be a mentor for?
A: You can volunteer to be a mentor for the Health Disparities Research Education Program (HDREP), Summer Cancer Research Education Program (SCREP), Research in Aging through Mentorship and Practice – Undergraduate Program (RAMP-UP), Cancer Research Immersion Student Program (CRISP), and Short-Term Research Experience Program to Unlock Potential (STEP-UP).

Q: How time consuming is a mentorship?
A: The time required to mentor a trainee varies by each program and by individual trainee. It may vary from about one to 10 hours a month.

Q: How do I become a mentor?
A: Contact Ann Smith at annsmith@uab.edu or MHRCinfo@uabmc.edu