Research Methods and Secondary Data Analysis Seminar Series


This seminar series convenes researchers and trainees interested in a broad spectrum of Health Disparities, Aging and Outcomes and Effectiveness Research. Speakers are invited to share research methods that may be applied to other areas of research, and secondary dataset information and availability as well as analyses results from the data, and other tips and techniques applicable to health services and health disparities research.

Goals for the overview of secondary data sets available for analysis:

  • Present an overview of the dataset and its data elements
  • Provide examples of research questions that can be addressed with dataset
  • Include participation of junior investigators who have used data (if possible)
  • Discuss protocol for access to data and resources for data management/analysis

Goals for the HSR/OER methods in current research projects, grants, and/or publications

  • Present work with detail on research methods that may be applied to other areas of research
  • Focus on scientific methods with attention for potential cross-pollination in terms of application/adaptation of methods and/or new collaboration
  • Discuss research methods and tools with potential for wider implementation. Ex: How can x technology or approach that has been used to successful study disease y in z setting translate or be applied to study another disease in another setting?

WHEN: These seminars are on the first Thursday of every month at noon; speakers begin presenting at noon
(11:45am-1:15pm Central Time)

CLICK HERE for a full schedule of topics and speakers.

WHAT TO BRING: Speakers begin at noon with a light lunch served or you may bring your own. RSVP!

WHERE: UAB – Medical Towers 634 and by videoconference connection at your office by request. 

Please RSVP: by 12:00 noon, Tuesday, before the 1st Thursday in order to be included in the light lunch order; also welcome to bring your lunch. 

The seminars are broadcast via video conference (VC) to scholars and researchers at partnering institutions including Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuskegee University, Jackson State University, Creighton University, and the University of Alabama, and others. Individuals can connect at their own computers through VC software installation and a webcam.

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