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lachnospiraceae bacteriaThe UAB Microbiome Institutional Research Core provides 16S rRNA gene sequencing of fecal and other biological samples for microbiome analysis. The resulting fecal library can be used for multiple analyses, as well as transplantation into gnotobiotic mice for the development of animal models.

We have procedures in place for the collection, shipping and long-term storage of fecal samples.

Following sample processing and sequencing, data generated is transferred to the central, petabyte-size UAB storage facility where it is directly available for processing by the UAB High Performance Computing cluster. Analysis of the data allow us to quantitatively assess the microbiome population down to the genus, and frequently species level.

For comparative analyses, we can assess the overall differences between microbiome populations of different samples. Additional analyses include microbial ecological modeling and metagenome and metabolic pathway prediction.

For more information contact, Casey D. Morrow, Microbiome Institutional Research Core Director.