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Tackling the most central questions about the microbiome and human health

The University-Wide Microbiome Center (UMC) was established in response the extensive microbiome research that was being performed at UAB. Established in 2016, and approved as a full research center in 2019, the purpose of the UMC is to facilitate microbiome-related research and promote its integration with the education and training activities on campus.

To do this, the UMC provides support for the Microbiome Institutional Research Core and Microbiota Culture and Analytic Resource. The center also organizes an annual Microbiome Symposium so that UAB researchers have an opportunity to interact with one another and attend seminars presented by internationally recognized investigators. Each year, UMC funds pilot projects to support both established and young investigators seeking to perform microbiome-related work. Finally, the UMC works to integrate microbiome-related topics in graduate, dental, medical, and health profession-centered education.

Importantly, UMC leverages the outstanding personnel and research found across the schools and colleges, centers, and departments at UAB, as well as University Hospital. This dynamic research community is empowered to tackle the most central questions about the microbiome and human health.