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In 1954, James Garber Galbraith, M.D., established the Division of Neurosurgery within the UAB Heersink School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery, where he laid the foundation for the now-Department of Neurosurgery’s culture of growth and compassionate care.

Each year, the UAB Department of Neurosurgery gathers to honor Galbraith’s dedication to his science, his patients and his work.

The 40th Annual J. Garber Galbraith, M.D., Scientific Session and Lecture was held on Nov. 3, in the Bradley Lecture Center, located in Children's of Alabama. The Galbraith Scientific Session, open to UAB faculty and residents, community neurosurgeons and former residents of the Department of Neurosurgery, allows current neurosurgery residents to present and highlight their research. The Galbraith Lecture is given by a distinguished guest neurosurgeon who has made significant contributions to the field of neurosurgery.

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  • Galbraith Speaker, Lonser

    Russell Lonser, M.D., traveled from Columbus, OH, to serve as the 40th Galbraith Lecturer.

    Lonser was named Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University in 2012, and currently holds the Dardinger Family Chair in Neurosurgical Oncology.

    The annual event started with Neurosurgery Grand Rounds on Thursday, Nov. 2, at UAB’s Lyons-Harrison Faculty Office Tower, where faculty and residents gathered for Lonser’s first lecture: “Neurologic manifestations of von Hippel-Lindau disease.”

    The Scientific Session concluded with Lonser’s Galbraith Lecture: “Direct convective delivery for nervous system gene therapy,” which was followed by a dinner, reception and presentation of research prizes at the Birmingham Museum of Art on Friday night.


    Garber Galbraith, M.D, Research Prize:

    Griffith R. Harsh III, M.D., Research Prize:

    Richard B. Morawetz, M.D., Research Prize:

    Richard B. Morawetz, M.D., Research Prize:

    Stephen Mahaley Jr., M.D., Research Prize (Translational Research Prize):