Nsgy CNS groupTop (L to R): Drs. Adeel Ilyas, Nicholas Laskay, Dagoberto Estevez-Ordonez
Bottom (L to R): Drs. Sasha Howell, Andrew Hale, Yuanfan Yang

Six UAB Department of Neurosurgery residents will present their abstracts as an oral presentation at the 2022 Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) Annual Meeting, Oct. 8-12 in San Francisco, California.

 The CNS is a leading organization dedicated to advancing neurosurgery through education and innovation. Each year, the organization holds a meeting where neurosurgeons from all over the world gather to present scientific discovery and its translation to clinical practice.

It is an honor to be selected to present at the annual meetings. Learn more about our residents and their presentations below! 

Adeel Ilyas, M.D. (PGY-6)
"Forecasting Seizure Clusters from Chronic Ambulatory Electrocorticography" and "Stereotactic Radiosurgery for ARUBA-Eligible Patients: A Meta-Analysis"

Nicholas Laskay, M.D. (PGY-5)
“PGY-6 versus PGY-7 Neurosurgical Chief Year: A Survey of Resident and Program Directors” and “The Influence of Concominant Skull Fracture on Recovery after Pediatric Concussion”

Dagoberto Estevez-Ordonez, M.D. (PGY-5)
“Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Glioblastoma Outcomes: A Single-Center Retrospective Cohort Study”

Sasha Howell, M.D. (PGY-3)
“Adjunctive use of preoperative SPECT imaging for evaluation of chronic cervical and lumbar pain”

Andrew Hale, M.D., Ph.D. (PGY-2)
"Integrative genomics implicates decreased FGD6 expression underlying risk of intracranial aneurysm rupture"
*This abstract won the Duke Samson Award for Best Clinical Cerebrovascular Abstract.

Yuanfan Yang, M.D. (PGY-1)
“Diffuse Microglia Inflammation is Associated with Anti-Tumor Efficacy in Polio Virotherapy for Glioblastoma”