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February 05, 2020

Medical Education seeks contributors for creating new online resources

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PROSPER Med2EdLeaders in the Department of Medical Education are looking for faculty, residents, preceptors, and staff across the School of Medicine interested in teaching and learning, educator resources, or educational research to become involved in professional development curricula for medical education.

PROSPER-Med2Ed, a collaborative partnership in the department, seeks contributions for building a Med2ED e-resource library to support faculty and trainee development in medical education. This includes potential guest speakers to collaborate in the development of a new medical educator’s certificate series curriculum and also e-learning resources that may support medical educators in teaching and learning, educational research and scholarship, and professional development.

“We would like to encourage and invite faculty, trainees and staff interested in teaching, learning and academic success across all campuses to be a part of building a repository for faculty development resources in medical education that not only supports current medical educators, trainees and future learners, but also provides professional development opportunities for individual growth and innovation,” said Kristina Blackwell, Ph.D., director for Faculty and Curriculum Development in Medical Education in the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education. “No doubt, we have an incredible community of faculty trainees, and staff across all of our campuses. There are already some great resources out there and here at UAB and the School of Medicine. Together, we can collaborate to use new and existing resources to support medical educators and trainees in the now and for the future along various points in their professional and academic journeys.”

Some suggested topics for contributions include assessing learners, innovative teaching, skills development, clinical reasoning, learning environment, educational technologies and innovation, and professional development in medical education (including wellness and mentoring).

PROSPER-Med2ED an outgrowth of the past HSF-GEF PROSPER Educator Enrichment Program grant & Dean’s Research Awards program that provided opportunities and support for faculty innovations in medical education in the UAB School of Medicine undergraduate medical school curriculum.

For more information about the PROSPER Med2ED or to contribute to projects, contact Dr. Kristina Blackwell at