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The Pancreatobiliary Disease Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is the first multidisciplinary program in the state to treat diseases of the pancreas and bile ducts.

The UAB Pancreatobiliary Disease Center is designed to provide cutting-edge care for diseases of the pancreas and bile duct by bringing together all members of a patient’s care team. Our model involves a thorough initial assessment of each patient's case, followed by same-day testing and/or intervention, if necessary. Through our collaborative efforts, we implement personalized treatment plans that best fits the needs of our patients. Our ultimate goals include:

  • Providing timely access to care
  • Streamlining patients’ visits through the use of clinical nurse navigators
  • Coordinating visits between multiple providers in an efficient manner
  • Reviewing cases at conferences attended by multiple specialists with expertise in your problem
  • Communicating care plans with patients’ local physicians
  • Providing access to innovative treatments and clinical trials
  • Continuously reassessing our performance to ensure we are providing the highest level of quality care

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