The Pediatric Cardiology fellows will develop expertise and skills during their three years in training. The areas of expertise include: Noninvasive imaging, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, inpatient experience in pre and postoperative care, consultation, and general inpatient care, outpatient clinic, and research.

Our Cardiac Center offers:

  • 2 dedicated cardiac operating rooms

  • State of the art hybrid catheterization lab/operating suite

  • 2 catheterization labs with rotational angiography

  • 3-dimensional electrophysiologic mapping minimizing fluoroscopic radiation

  • 20 room CVICU with 4 dedicated CV-ECMO suites

  • 16 bed Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)

  • Advanced noninvasive cardiac imaging: MRI and 256 slice cardiac CT scanner with minimal radiation

  • Active ventricular assist device and ELSO certified ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) programs

  • A specialized cardiac support team including respiratory therapists, child life, social work, pharmacists, dietician, and speech, occupational and physical therapists

  • A comprehensive Fetal Heart Program with customized delivery plans for neonates with complex diagnoses

  • Marfan and Related Aortic Disorders: Multidisciplinary Clinic in collaboration with UAB Dept. of Genetics

  • Extended care into adulthood through collaboration with the Adult Congenital Heart Center at UAB

Our Cardiac Center performs:

  • Over 475 cardiac surgeries

  • 10 heart transplants in 2013 and 5 heart transplants in 2014

  • Over 700 cardiac catheterizations per year, including 100 EP cases and ablations

  • Over 15,000 2D and 3D echocardiograms per year

  • Over 9,000 outpatient visits per year.

  • Over 200 MRI’s and CT’s in 2018

  • Over 80 fetal echocardiograms in 2014

Department Research:

  • Ultrasound for vascular access

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

  • How low gamma globulin levels impact newborn after heart surgery

  • Balloon angioplasty to treat persistent leaking of lymph fluid into the lung cavity after surgery

  • Prophylactic hydrocortisone infusion after cardiopulmonary bypass

  • Heart transplant outcomes

Our Team

Mark A. Law, M.D.

Mark A. Law, M.D.

Fellowship Program Director

Robb Romp, M.D.

Robb Romp, M.D.

Associate Fellowship Director

Ina Schaffer

Ina Schaffer

Fellowship Program Coordinator