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 Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children MediumThe UAB Department of Pediatrics at Children's of Alabama is comprised of 19 Subspecialty Divisions each with an educational, research and clinical focus.

The faculty of the UAB Department of Pediatrics at Children's of Alabama provides a diverse and extensive spectrum of medical expertise and health care services, from primary care to subspecialty services. Over the past five years, the department has experienced significant growth in the number of full-time medical pediatric faculty. Currently, there are over 241 faculty in general pediatrics and subspecialty divisions.

The faculty of the Department of Pediatrics records more than 272,000 outpatient visits, including approximately 73,400 patients seen through the pediatric emergency medicine division. More than 15,600 subspecialty patients and general pediatric inpatient admissions were managed by the pediatric faculty. In addition, the Neonatology division provides coverage for the UAB Medical Center as well as four private, not-for-profit community hospitals. Total inpatient days are in excess of 92,200.

The Department of Pediatrics has a major commitment to research and consistently ranks in the top 20 among all departments of pediatrics in the country in NIH funding. Through research, we are contributing to a better understanding of the causes of many life-threatening diseases as well as advancing many new forms of treatment.