PHTS consist of three committees: Steering, Scientific, and Database. The responsibilities for each committee are outlined below.

The Steering Committee is responsible for
  • Supervision of research efforts and use of the database
  • Organization of biannual meetings
  • Monthly conference call meetings of the Steering Committee members
  • Lobby for increased awareness of pediatric heart transplantation
Past Steering Committee Members
Founding Fathers and history of PHTS

The Scientific Committee is responsible for:
  • Reviewing research proposals
  • Determining suitability of studies to be performed
  • Interfacing with UAB regarding timing and support available for studies
  • Providing advice and guidance to the investigator
  • Ensuring that the roles of investigator and co-investigators are clarified prior to initiation of study
  • Providing oversight regarding data analysis and presentation
  • Ensuring timely publication of the data

The Database Committee is responsible for:
  • Facilitating data collection and analysis
  • Ensuring the quality of the data
  • Modifying the forms and the database as data evolves