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Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute

Everybody's genome tells a story and we’re here to protect the most important part of it − its health.

Our aim is to enhance the delivery of precision medicine by assembling and supporting UAB researchers and clinicians in an interdisciplinary program aimed at discovering and applying new knowledge.

Pioneering precision medicine

The Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute integrates discovery and implementation to advance patient-tailored health care. By considering lifestyle, behavior, environment, and genetics, we aim to provide personalized prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Our efforts leverage the strengths of UAB and our partners. This collaboration accelerates the transition of precision medicine innovations to clinical practice.

Advanced therapeutics and data science

Utilizing data science, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence, our team develops precision therapeutics for genetic disorders, cancer, and diabetes.

Latest Headlines

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    Mar 08, 2024
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    Feb 21, 2024
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    Oct 19, 2023