The Lung Health Center (LHC) at UAB strives to deliver world-class services focusing on research, education and patient care that cultivate innovation, translation and dissemination of new biomedical and informational technologies as they apply to the field of lung health. The Lung Health Center is committed to performing research that will benefit our patients and community, as well as furthering knowledge about mechanisms, therapies and behaviors that impact lung disease and its care, educating our patients and the public about lung disease, as well as enhancing the training of future specialists in pulmonary and critical care medicine and engaging in patient care initiatives of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine utilizing state-of-the-art, evidence-based disease management approaches.

The Lung Health Center is a designated University Wide Center within the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Dransfield, the Center’s Medical Director, and Dr. J. Edwin Blalock, PhD, the Center's Scientific Director, the LHC includes a large, diverse group of clinical research coordinators and staff. The Lung Health Center also has many faculty including physicians, clinical research nurses, recruitment and retention specialists, respiratory therapists, health educators, health behaviorists, medical sociologists, statisticians, and an epidemiologist.

The LHC is currently located in 11,300 square foot of space across 2 campus locations. These areas function as administrative offices, asthma clinical research offices and COPD clinical research offices. Among the locations, separate areas serve as clinical facilities for asthma and COPD patients. Each clinical facility has a reception area, staff offices and laboratory equipment. At this time, the LHC clinical facilities are equipped with pulmonary function laboratories, collection and storage capabilities for blood and saliva samples, and collection and storage capabilities for exhaled breath condensate and nitric oxide measurements.

The UAB Lung Health Center physicians, academic scientists, nurses, and health educators collaborate with faculty in other UAB Departments, divisions, and schools to conduct research protocols, provide recruitment services, and collaborate in various clinical research programs.

The Lung Health Center Pilot Program for Lung Research Application Guidelines

930 20th Street South 
Birmingham, Alabama 35205
Operating Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 A.M.-5 P.M.

To participate in research studies at the Lung Health Center, click here to complete a brief survey. Lung Health Center staff will contact you if you are eligible for participation. 

Utilize Lung Health Center Clinical Research Support Services including access to equipment and facilities and assistance with:

- Confidentiality Agreements (CDA/NDA)
- Pre-grant submission feasibility reviews
- Site selection visit participation
- IRB submission and maintenance
- Industry budget and contract negotiation
- OSP submission (grants and contracts)
- DUA submission or MTA submission
- Research Study Coordinator Services
- Access to LHC Core Labs

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