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Advanced imaging research is recognized at UAB as a priority for strategic enhancement, and nationally as a critical component of "personalized medicine."

In recognition of the importance of imaging the UAB Board of Trustees established the Division of Advanced Medical Imaging Research in 2009. The location of the division within the Department of Radiology provides seamless integration of preclinical and clinical imaging efforts, priorities for imaging, and allows coordinated institutional support.

A major focus of the preclinical research effort is repeated imaging studies in animal models. These studies are cost effective since data are collected in the same animals over time. The information obtained from imaging is also more beneficial to evaluate treatment efficacy, since the response can be monitored in real-time in the same animals. In addition, the entire animal is examined, providing information that would not otherwise be obtained. Preclinical imaging studies are used to establish and optimize imaging protocols that are subsequently applied in human patients, following appropriate review by IRB.


lapi newSuzanne E. Lapi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Division of Advanced Medical Imaging Research