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 Yu Hua Fang


Yu-Hua Dean Fang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Division of Advanced Medical Imaging Research
yfang@uabmc.edu | JT N363 | 205-934-5377

Yu-Hua Dean Fang, PhD is currently an Associate Professor of Radiology and adjunct faculty of Neurology in University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research is focused on image quantification and analysis. A major field of application is on the kinetic modeling analysis for PET imaging. He has also been extensively involved in image processing of CT, MR and SPECT while the clinical areas include Neurology, Oncology and Cardiology. He recently joined UAB Radiology in September, 2019 and aims to establish a strong image analysis group here.

Having been working on algorithm and software development for nearly 20 years, Dr. Fang is interested in new collaboration on image processing and scientific computation in UAB. All ideas are welcome!

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