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Harrison Kim, Ph.D., MBA

Professor, Division of Advanced Medical Imaging Research
hyunkikim@uabmc.edu | 205-996-4088

Dr. Kim’s primary research interest is to globally standardize quantitative diffusion and perfusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of cancer.  His endeavor will enable us to measure accurate diffusion and perfusion MRI parameters, which will facilitate automatic diagnosis, prognosis and therapy monitoring.  Automatic clinical decisions will drastically reduce both the turnaround time and medical expenses.  Consequently, patients will be able to receive high quality medical imaging service regardless of their financial condition.  Dr. Kim’s research focuses on developing safe, portable and inexpensive tools along with this initiative.  Dr. Kim developed point-of-care portable phantoms for real-time quality assurance of quantitative diffusion/perfusion MRI and many computer software packages for medical image processing and analysis.