jordan perchik diversity champion 300Jordan Perchik, M.D., has received the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) President’s Diversity Champion Award.

UAB President’s Diversity Champion Award recipients must display extensive dedication to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion through participation in related programs; displayed leadership that fosters positive interaction between people of different lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, and identities; and the implementation of initiatives that create and maintain supportive environments. Additionally, a recipient must have demonstrated exceptional efforts and a sustained commitment to promote an inclusive campus and community that is free from bias and discrimination.

"Dr. Perchik is the person you can always rely on to do the right thing, even when others are still trying to figure out what that may be,” said Dr. Kristin Porter, associate professor of UAB’s Department of Radiology. “His compass is steady and his actions unfailingly admirable. I look to him for inspiration about how to make better decisions in my personal interactions, for example in how to support gender diverse medical students, and I would be thrilled if my two boys grew up to be like him."

As stated by the UAB Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Jordan Perchik, M.D., is a resident leader in multiple organizations including the Near-Peer student-resident mentorship program, the UAB Radiology Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and the international radiology outreach organization, RAD-AID. Perchik has mentored many residents and medical students of diverse backgrounds and experiences while helping them pursue impactful research. His efforts have improved inclusion and representation of women and under-represented minorities in the UAB Radiology Residency Program.

Dr. Perchik has also worked to improve transgender health literacy in radiology at both local and national levels. With the support of UAB Radiology, he has recently published a systematic review of transgender related research in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, has developed sessions in transgender health literacy for the resident education curriculum, and advocates for equitable delivery of healthcare for transgender and gender.

"It has been truly humbling to receive President's Diversity Champion Award and to be in the company of my fellow award recipients,” said Dr. Jordan Perchik. “In this year of such immense shared tragedy, our work in furthering diversity, equity, inclusion, and compassionate care has provided a sense of purpose in the most difficult days of the pandemic. Our team has made strides in advancing transgender health literacy and health equity for transgender and gender diverse individuals in radiology, and we strive to continue to our work locally and nationally and make our program an exemplar for diversity, equity and inclusion."

Jordan Perchik, M.D., attended medical school at the University Of Tennessee Health Science Center College Of Medicine. He joined UAB Radiology’s Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program in July 2018 and is currently a PGY-4 resident. Dr. Perchik won the UAB President’s Diversity Champion Award in the staff category.