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Match Day 2024 allThe UAB Department of Radiation Oncology is delighted to announce two new matches for our Radiation Oncology Residency Program and one new match for our Medical Physics Residency Program as a result of Match Day 2024.

Krishmita Siwakoti, M.D., and Matthew Trotta, M.D., matched with us on March 15, 2024, and will start their radiation oncology residency in July 2025 after their internship year. Siwakoti joins us from B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal, and Trotta joins us from the University of West Virginia Medical School.

“They are both outstanding and will be a great addition to our resident group,” said UAB Radiation Oncology Residency Program Director Andrew McDonald, M.D.

In addition, Blessing Oladele, M.S., Ph.D., matched with us on March 27, 2024, and will begin her medical physics residency this July. She joins us from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Dr. Oladele’s eagerness, enthusiasm, personality, and strong desire to be a resident in the UAB Medical Physics Residency Program (Therapy) left a good, lasting impression with all her interviewers,” said UAB Medical Physics Residency Program Director Rodney Sullivan, Ph.D. “As we anticipate her arrival, I am confident she will make a positive difference at UAB as a medical physics resident.

Please join us in welcoming Drs. Siwakoti, Trotta, and Oladele to UAB.