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Shelby Building, Room 206
1825 University Boulevard

Telephone:(205) 934-2391
Fax:(205) 996-6734
Email: cyji@uab.edu 




DVM, Yangzhou University, China, 1985
MSc, (Microbiology), Yangzhou University, China, 1988
PhD, (Immunology) Nanjing Agricultural University, China, 1991
Postdoctoral Training (Invertebrate Innate Immunity), Oklahoma State University, 2001-2003;
Postdoctoral Training (Autoimmunity), University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2004-2006


Research Description


Dr. Ji’s research interest is to perceive mechanisms underlining the regulatory potential for human IgA antibody. In a joint effort with Drs. Kimberly, Wu and Edberg, we previously identified a naturally-occurred variant S248G (SNP844A/G) at cytoplasmic domain of FcαRI α-chain that alters pleiotropic IgA effector functions, showing significant impact in rheumatic and autoimmune diseases (J Immunol 2007, 178:3973; PNAS 2011, 108:20736-20741). Through genomic and proteomic approaches we are establishing serine-based regulatory mechanism that couples FcαRI genetic diversity to IgA inflammatory multiplicity. By following the very essence of IgA effector features in health and disease, our continuing effort is to elucidate FcαRI α-chain and γ-chain signaling pathways as well as other molecular insights unique for IgA-mediated feedback regulation in parallel with those of FcγRs for IgG response.


Selected Publications


Li X, Baskin JG, Mangan EK, Su K, Gibson AW, Ji C, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP. 2012. The unique cytoplasmic domain of human FcγRIIIA regulates receptor-mediated function. J Immunol. 189(9):4284-94. PMID:23024279
Kelley JM, Monach PA, Ji C, Zhou Y, Wu J, Tanaka S, Mahr AD, Johnson S, McAlear C, Cuthbertson D, Carette S, Davis JC Jr, Dellaripa PF, Hoffman GS, Khalidi N, Langford CA, Seo P, St Clair EW, Specks U, Stone JH, Spiera RF, Ytterberg SR, Merkel PA, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP. 2011. IgA and IgG antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody engagement of Fc receptor genetic variants influences granulomatosis with polyangiitis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(51):20736-41. PMID:22147912
Xinrui Li, Kaihong S, Chuanyi Ji, Alexander J. Szalai, Jianming Wu, Yan Zhang, Tong Zou, Robert P. Kimberly, and Jeffrery C. Edberg. 2008. Immune Opsonines Modulate BLyS/BAFF Release in a Receptor-Specific Fashion. Journal of Immunology, 181: 1012-1018. PMID: 18606652
Jianming Wu, Chuanyi Ji, Fenglong Xie, Carl D. Langefeld, Kun Qian, Andrew Gibson, Jeffrey C. Edberg, and Robert P. Kimberly 2007. FcαRI (CD89) Alleles Determine the Pro-inflammatory Potential of Serum IgA. Journal of Immunology, 178178(6):3973-82. PMID:17339498
Chuanyi JI, Yang Wang, Steve Hartson, and Haobo Jiang 2004. A Pattern Recognition Serine Proteinase Triggers the Prophenoloxidase Activation Cascade in the Tobacco Hornworm, Manduca sexta. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279(33)34101-6. PMID:15190055.
Pan QQ, Cui YG, Gong GM, Ji CY, Pan Y, Wang XH. 2005. Experiment on the sexual virility of immature mice immunized with LHRH fusion protein vaccine. Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 11(8):566-9, 573. Chinese. PMID: 16138571
Chuanyi Ji, Yang Wang, Jeremy Ross, and Haobo Jiang. 2003. Expression and in vitro activation of Manduca sexta prophenoloxidase-activating proteinase-2 precursor from baculovirus-infected cells. Protein Expression and Purification, 29(2):235-43. PMID:12767815
Petros Ligoxygakis, Nadège Pelte, Chuanyi Ji, Vincent Leclerc, Bernard Duvic, Marcia Belvin, Haobo Jiang, Jules A. Hoffmann (2011 Noble Prize) 2002. A serpin mutant links Toll activation to melanization in the host defense of Drosophila. The EMBO Journal, 21(23):6330-7. PMID:12456640


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