Both Postdoc School and Assistant Professor School must be completed prior to graduation. Each is a weeklong agenda of workshops presented by UAB faculty and alumni, designed to prepare Roadmap Scholars for what lies over the horizon after graduation.

Topics for Postdoc School include: postdoctoral fellowship applications and interviews, developing and protecting intellectual property, and lab leadership.

Topics for Assistant Professor School include: first faculty positions, grant writing, publishing and h-index, teaching, and diversity in the faculty workforce.

Postdoc School and Assistant Professor School are offered on alternating years. The next Postdoc School will be offered in the Spring 2022 semester, and the next Assistant Professor School will be offered in the Spring 2023 semester.

These workshops can also be taken for course credit as NBL 745, Professional Development Course (1 credit hour). Course description: Today‚Äôs researchers, scientists, and academics face an increasingly competitive world. We will create a professional development course for our UAB Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars to provide support for their aspiration to become independent and successful neuroscientists.

Postdoc School Feb 2016