RMS scholars must take each course at least once during their tenure in the program.

Course selections include:

NBL 723: Experimental Design
In depth and specialized training for our Roadmap Scholars in hypothesis development, experimental design and scientific writing. During this course, Roadmap Scholars will develop an NRSA, or similar, grant proposal.

NBL 741: Writing and Presenting
Roadmap Scholars will be expected to attend and present posters or talks describing their research at international meetings, such as the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting. We will develop a course to assist the students in writing their abstracts, as well as designing their presentation for the meeting. This course will assist the Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars in developing their presentation skills as neuroscientists.

NBL 745: Professional Development Course
Today’s researchers, scientists, and academics face an increasingly competitive world. We will create a professional development course for our UAB Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars to provide support for their aspiration to become independent and successful neuroscientists.

NBL 791: Developing Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
One of the key skills that every graduate student needs is the ability to think critically and to analyze data. Many graduate students have not been instructed in how to read the scientific literature, so NBL791 will include sessions for the Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars on how to read and critique a scientific paper. We will select examples of well-constructed journal articles and help the students to learn how to understand, interpret, and evaluate the findings.