SCOR in partnership with the CCTS offers a one-year, cohort-based program designed to enable junior faculty and director level staff to enhance their interpersonal skills, professional skills, and leadership skills.  The program uses the Leadership Competency Model to provide the framework for the chosen topics.  The cohort meets face to face for 1.5-2 hours monthly to learn about themselves, to enhance their interpersonal effectiveness, to advance objectives through building quality teams, and to learn to drive change.   In between the monthly sessions, participants will complete tasks they set as part of their goal setting activity. 

At the end of the year long program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate 5 areas their leadership improved.
  • Apply concepts to enrich their leadership and personal effectiveness.
  • Incorporate tools to enhance their management and measure effectiveness.
  • Implement strategies to continue to build leadership skills.