il10rc img2The UAB Structural Biology Program (SBP) promotes research and education in scientific disciplines that elucidate three-dimensional structures of macromolecules as well as the subsequent understanding of their function based on this information. Advances in electron microscopy (EM), X-ray crystallography and NMR, coupled with modern biophysical approaches, provide an unprecedented ability to understand fundamental biological problems at the molecular level.

SBP faculty apply these techniques to a wide range of biological problems, including bacterial pathogenesis, viral entry, replication and assembly, antiviral drug design, protein folding, transcription and cell signaling, to discover new mechanisms that may exploited to prevent microbial infections, autoimmune disease and cancer. In addition to the strengths of our structural biology research programs, our faculty offer a structure biology curriculum for graduate students to learn structural techniques that promote their research efforts in cell and molecular biology.